Lou Phelps Drops New EP 'Touché' With Production By Kaytranada

After spending nearly a decade refining his craft, Montreal's Lou Phelps has dropped an EP he says is an intro to a "new chapter of music I'm exploring."

Lou Phelps poses in single art for new EP

Image via Igal Perets

Lou Phelps poses in single art for new EP

Montreal-based artist Lou Phelps has returned with his long-anticipated EP Touché

His self-produced lead single off the project, “Here We Go,” offers a glimpse into the vitalizing three-track EP, which includes two songs produced by Phelps’ older brother Kaytranada.

Touché marks a milestone for the Haitian-Canadian musician as he continues to reach new artistic levels. Phelps is undeniably masterful behind the boards and was even the first person to teach his brother to use FL Studio. In 2017, he earned a Juno Award nomination for his debut project 001 Experiments, and in 2018 he sparked a buzz online following the release of his project 002 / LOVE ME and its feature track “Come Inside.” After spending nearly a decade dedicated to refining his craft as an MC, he entered this year ready to make moves. 


“This EP is an introduction to a new chapter of music I’m exploring. I did something that sounds different to my ear but that still felt natural,” Phelps tells Complex Canada. “These three songs display my confidence on the bars, production is amazing, and flows fill the pocket perfectly. I think it’s a nice set up for whatever is coming next in my career and I look forward to sharing all the other joints I have tucked as well.” 

Stream out Phelps’ new EP Touché below.



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