Toronto's Da Crook Is Out to Get 'Em With New Single "Do You Dirty"

Toronto rapper Da Crook is ready to tell his story and show his growth with his new track "Do You Dirty," produced by DJ Charlie B and Jay on The Juice.

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Da Crook is ready to tell his story and show his growth with his new track “Do You Dirty.”

Produced by OVO-affiliated DJ Charlie B and Jay On The Juice, the single is accompanied by a music video, directed by 88everything, wherein Da Crook has a good time at a Toronto mansion gambling with his friends at a table full of cash and snakes.

The track brings up some of the artist’s feelings about social media. “In the streets ain’t doing shit, but hop on the ‘gram and start doing the most,” he spits.

“Don’t ever get too caught up in the social media stuff and don’t get too caught up in what you see,” Da Crook tells Complex. “Enjoy the music, enjoy the videos and enjoy the culture, but don’t let it consume you. Just enjoy it.”

The Toronto-based rapper defines himself as a songwriter, but he’s looking forward to diving deeper into the music scene and gives other rappers a warning. “I wanted to show a little versatility. Everybody knows I’m a lyricist. But I wanted to show them I’m more than that. I wanted to show them that maybe other rappers are in trouble,” he says.

In recent years, the MC has secured himself a loyal fanbase drawn to his energy-filled music and dynamic delivery.

Da Crook aims to make music with substance, taking cues from hip-hop heavyweights like DMX, 50 Cent, and Tupac. “Anyone can relate to me as long as I paint the picture properly. Everybody has different sides to them. I learned that from my inspirations.”

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