Megan Thee Stallion Says Tory Lanez Tried to Silence Her With Money Following Alleged Shooting

Megan Thee Stallion has alleged that Tory Lanez shot her twice in the feet after leaving a party back in July, and now she's opened up about the incident more.

Megan Thee Stallion

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Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion has alleged that Tory Lanez shot her twice in her feet after leaving a party back in July, and now she's opened up about the incident more. In a new profile for GQ's Men of the Year issue ahead of her debut album Good News, dropping later this week, Meg claimed Lanez offered her money to stay quiet after he shot her.

"Like, I never put my hands on nobody,” she told writer Allison P. Davis. “I barely even said anything to the man who shot me when I was walking away. We were literally like five minutes away from the house."

Meg added that after Lanez allegedly shot her, he offered her and her friend money to keep quiet about the incident. "[At this point] I'm really scared," she continued, "because this like right in the middle of all the protesting. Police are just killing everybody for no reason, and I'm thinking, ‘I can't believe you even think I want to take some money. Like, you just shot me.'" 

When police did arrive at the scene, later arresting Lanez, they noticed Meg's feet were bleeding. When they asked her what happened, she simply responded, "I got cut." Sources told Complex back in September that Lanez told Megan "Dance, bitch," before firing four shots at her feet. It was also alleged that he offered hush money to her to cover it up. After she was shot, she was taken to a nearby hospital for surgery. Lanez, meanwhile, has since released an album disputing her claims and calling her a liar.

As conversations regarding the shooting dominated the internet, Meg said she felt she needed to project strength despite being a victim. "Like damn, I have to be tough through all this? All the time? It was like, who really checks on us or who protected us? You just go your whole life with that mentality," she told GQ. "And then when something actually happens to you, when you properly should have protected yourself, your first instinct was not to protect yourself, it was protecting other people. … So it was like, ‘What do I do?’ ‘What do I say?’ Like, ‘Is anybody going to believe what I'm saying?’"

Elsewhere in the interview, Meg briefly touched upon the reaction to her No. 1 collaboration with Cardi B, "WAP." "I saw somebody…some Republican lady, you know how they be. Some goddamn Republican lady, like, ‘This is a terrible example,’" she said, referring to former congressional candidate DeAnna Lorraine, who suggested America needs "more women like Melania Trump and far less like Cardi B."

Lorraine was clowned for her take on Twitter, as were many other pearl-clutching Republicans horrified by the idea that women enjoy sex, too. "I was like, ‘Girl, you literally had to go to YouTube or to your Apple Music to go listen to this song in its entirety," added Meg. "How are you in your Republican world even finding your way over here to talk about this? You must not have noooo WAP if you're mad at this song.’"

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