French Montana Jokingly Confronts Akon for Wearing Fake Dior, Akon Says Piece 'Came From One of My Africans'

Earlier this year, Akon recalled gifting French a fake Hublot watch he bought on Canal Street in NYC.

Jason Mendez / Stringer via Getty Images

French Montana jokingly confronted Akon after he was accused of wearing fake Dior in his appearance on Drink Champs.

"N***as wanna know, where did you get that 'Drio' form?" Montana said in an Instagram clip recorded while the two were riding in the back of a car.

"The Drio came from one of my Africans," Akon replied. "I'm always supporting my Africans. We go hard for each other! Ay, I knew that shit was gonna raise engagement. ... It just take one person to notice and it's gonna go crazy on the internet. It did exactly what I wanted it to."

The two went into a fit of laughter, and the Morocco-born Montana added, "I had to ask the question, everybody wanted to know! ... I love you, bro. African love, you heard?"

In the comments, Akon added, "Promised my Africans I was going to represent for them with that DRIO...Kept my word. Shout to lil Senegal in Harlem. Walla Bok!!!!!"

Last month, Symba accused Akon of sporting a fake Dior jacket on Drink Champs. "That bitch say 'Di Rio.' I thought that was a Dior," Symba said. "That n***a say 'Di Rio.' That n***a Akon out of pocket. I fuck with my n***a Akon, but this n***a's out of pocket. Di Rio."

On the same episode of Drink Champs, Akon opened up about gifting Montana a fake Hublot watch which he bought on Canal Street in New York City. "Listen, me and French got that day," Akon said. "But I'm the one that lost money. I bought two of them watches, one for me and one for him. ... N***a, I got got too. 'Cause he came to me and said, 'That's a nice watch.' I said, 'N***a, I got one for you too.' Because at the time...I didn't know what a Hublot was. I just knew that I liked that. That was just a nice watch."

After the story started to circulate online, Akon decided to make it up to Montana and gifted him an authentic designer watch. "The word now is to make sure you get the watch in the box," Akon said in a video where Montana was handed the new piece.

"Stop asking Akon about the watch 😂 he just pulled up on me and gave me another watch lol," French wrote alongside the clip. "Let's see if he did right this time @fakewatchbusta 💚😂🤣 #motherland #africanboys." 

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