Symba Accuses Akon of Wearing Fake Dior in Drink Champs Appearance

Fans have been wondering if the Senegalese singer had been wearing a fake Dior jacket since the Drink Champs episode aired, claiming the brand's name was designed oddly.

(Image via @therealsymba/Instagram),(Photo by Prince Williams / WireImage)

Symba had some time in his busy schedule to call out and make fun of Akon for allegedly wearing a fake Dior jacket during his appearance on Drink Champs

On Thursday, the Bay Area native took to his Instagram to question what the Senegalese singer was wearing during the show. Fans have since attempted to authenticate the Dior jacket, which raised alarm bells when the name of the clothing brand was designed in an odd way on the garment. According to Symba, Akon was "out of pocket."

"That bitch say 'Di Rio.' I thought that was a Dior," Symba said. "That n***a say 'Di Rio.' That n***a Akon out of pocket. I fuck with my n***a Akon, but this n***a's out of pocket. Di Rio."

Fake Dior isn't the only thing that Akon fans have been making fun of him for. On the same episode of Drink Champs, Akon reflected on the time he gave French Montana a fake Hublot watch a few years ago. Akon didn't know it was fake when he bought it on Canal Street, one of the biggest bargain shopping areas in the country.

"Listen, me and French got got that day," Akon said. "But I'm the one that lost money. I bought two of them watches, one for me and one for him."

He continued, "N***a, I got got too. Cause he came to me and said, 'That's a nice watch,' I said, 'N***a, I got one for you too.' Because at the time...I didn't know what a Hublot was. I just knew that I liked that. That was just a nice watch."

Akon ended up rectifying the situation by actually copping French Montana a real timepiece, earlier this month. French took to his Instagram with a video of a man handing the Bronx rapper a black box while Akon sits beside him.

"The word now is to make sure you get the watch in the box," Akon said before French opened the package to see a new timepiece. 

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