Donald Glover Previews Trailer for His Upcoming Film With Rihanna

Back in August, Rihanna and Donald Glover were spotted filming something together in Cuba.

Donald Glover

Image via Getty/Rich Fury

Donald Glover

Back in August, Rihanna and Donald Glover were spotted together in Cuba, sparking rumors about an upcoming project they had on the way. Now, as Stereogum points out, we know for certain that it's an upcoming movie reportedly titled Guava Island. Glover premiered the trailer at his Childish Gambino PHAROS festival in New Zealand this weekend, and a fan has been kind enough to share it on Twitter.

In the clip, Glover can be seen singing and playing guitar before things get a lot more intense. The trailer for the film also reveals that Black Panther's Letitia Wright will star alongside Glover and Rihanna. These details regarding the film previously leaked online thanks to Cuban publication Vistar magazine.

As to be expected, the film is directed by Hiro Murai, who worked extensively on the fantastic Atlanta as well as a number of Childish Gambino videos. More surprising, however, is that the trailer bills the movie as "A Childish Gambino film," perhaps arriving as part of what is supposedly his last music project under the name.

The trailer doesn't confirm whether the title is Guava Island or not, and it doesn't give an indication of when to expect it, but it does seem that production could very well have already wrapped. If that's the case, expect a release date for the film soon.

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