Birdman Talks Relationships With Wayne, Drake, Nicki, and Rick Ross on 'Everyday Struggle'

Birdman's docuseries 'New Cash Order' is set to premiere within Spotify's RapCaviar playlist on Friday, Feb. 21.

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Birdman appeared on Everyday Struggle ahead of his new documentary New Cash Order, and opened up about his relationship with current and former Cash Money artists Drake, Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj

"I got a great relationship with Drake, I got a great relationship with my son Wayne, always looked at Nicki as a little sister," Birdman said at the 24:35-mark of the interview. "Everybody in a good space, we put the past behind us and we're moving forward." 

When asked directly whether he still worked with the three artists, he added, "Of course, I'm forever in business with them. As long as they in that building over there, I'm forever in business with them." While Nicki is still signed to the label, both Drake and Lil Wayne's most recent releases were put out through OVO/Republic and Young Money/Republic respectively.

Later on in the interview, he talked further about his relationship with Wayne, which was strained prior to the release of Tha Carter V. "We happy as a motherfucker, man, we came up," he explained at the 44:35-mark. He recalled that the two of them talked after the recent All-Star game, at which Weezy performed, and Birdman said Wayne told him he "couldn't have done it" without him. "I'm really proud of you, bruh, like for real for real," Birdman told him. Despite their complicated history, he maintains that their relationship is as good it ever was, even if it did get "weird" for a few years. "That shit forever behind us, I gave him whatever he want."

As for his beef with Rick Ross, which kicked off when Birdman was facing a lawsuit filed by Lil Wayne, he doesn't know where he stands right now. "I haven't seen this man. I don't put no energy into that," he said at the 52:20-mark. "I'm trying to get billions of dollars in this shit, I ain't ever put no energy to no other n***a. I hear that shit and I keep it moving, but when we do see each other we'll see how that turn out."

Before wrapping up, DJ Akademiks fired off a question about the biggest check Birdman has received so far. "$475 million," he said. "I invested it right back in. I gave Wayne $150, $200, I gave Drake the same thing and I gave Nicki whatever she want." He clarified he got that impressive payday around seven years ago.

He also discussed his new docuseries with Spotify, New Cash Order. The show is set to premier within Spotify's RapCaviar playlist on Friday, Feb. 21, and follows the rise of Cash Money, from its inception in New Orleans to becoming one of the biggest rap labels ever. Across archival footage and new interviews, the series promises to provide the most in-depth look at the iconic label yet. 

New Cash isn't his only project on the horizon, though, as he's also an executive producer on the Nick Cannon-directed movie She Ball. "That's why we're on the west coast now, we doing movies," he said at the 31:00-minute mark. "I'm tapping into the movie side, but music is always first... Chris Brown and I funded our own movie," he added, indicating that he doesn't need Hollywood to get into film. Also starring and written by Cannon, the film is set for release this May and will feature appearances from Chris Brown, Cedric the Entertainer, and Rebecca De Mornay among others.

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