Action Bronson Splits With Atlantic Records and Announces 'White Bronco' Mixtape

Before releasing his album last year, Bronson stressed that staying independent makes more sense.

When Action Bronson dropped his most recent album, Blue Chips 7000, last year, he seemed relieved it had finally come out. Tweeting before it hit, he said, "Stay independent. For fucks sake please listen to me," expressing his upset with the continued delays from his label, Atlantic Records. He expressed similar thoughts speaking to Complex for the release.

Less than a year on, he's announced he's officially heading his own way.

With the lengthy gap between his Atlantic debut Mr. Wonderful, which came out in 2015, and Blue Chips 7000, Action's tenure at the label marked a surprisingly quiet period for him. Known previously for being incredibly prolific, with a number of memorable mixtapes and collaborations with producers Harry Fraud and Alchemist, Bronson didn't get around to releasing quite as much as he clearly would have liked to.

With the news of his departure from the label, Bronson has celebrated by announcing he's got a new mixtape titled White Bronco on the way.

Clearly excited by the prospect of being independent once more, the rapper and Viceland star took the moment to announce that he has a new cookbook on the way, too.

Bronson previously released a book based on his Viceland show Fuck, That's Delicious.

Even more exciting, Bronson offered up his first new music in a while with "The Hopeless Romantic," the new single from Alchemist's forthcoming Lunch Meat EP.

It remains to be seen when White Bronco will hit, but now that Bronson is finally free from his label, it's safe to assume we won't have to wait long.

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