Fans Have Thoughts About Future's Response to Question on Wanting More Kids

The father of 7 chopped it up with 'GQ' as part of his cover story rollout, and in a new clip, he said that he'd like to have a few more children.

Future photographed in 2021

Photo by Prince Williams/Wireimage via Getty Images

Future photographed in 2021

Future wants more kids, but only under certain circumstances. 

The father of 7 chopped it up with GQ as part of his cover story rollout—in which he was named the “Best Rapper Alive” by its headline—and in one clip picking up steam on Twitter, he discussed fatherhood. The clip featured questions from some of Future’s celebrity pals, and at one point, Julia Fox asked the MC if he’d ever want more children. 

"Hi, @1future. Do you want more kids?" —Julia Fox

— GQ Magazine (@GQMagazine) April 19, 2022

“Yes,” he said. “By my wife, if I ever get married, you know what I’m saying? I wanna have kids by my wife, of course. It could be like 3 cause I’ve never had more than one kid by a girl. So if I had 2 by her, then it’s like more than I had. So I feel like it’ll be more special.” 

While it’s unclear whether he’ll have those future two—or three—more children, Future is certainly sparking some conversation with his comments which left some people a bit confused.

Also in his GQ discussion, Future spoke on his upcoming album, his relationship with Drake, and his recent linkups with the artist formerly known as Kanye West

“Anytime we work in the studio, the level, the energy—we’re trying to perfect this shit but still stay raw, still stay gritty, and still be moving at the speed of the universe,” Future said of his work with Drizzy. “It’s something that you have to work at, but it’s something that you have to find too.”

Check out what the internet had to say about the latest viral Future clip, and watch the GQ video in its entirety below. 

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I’m really lost lol

— philip lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) April 19, 2022

Future's seven (7) other kids when they see this:

— One Punch-In Man (@CineMasai_) April 19, 2022


Me trying to follow his math like:

— Will (@WilliamRichJr) April 19, 2022

— Jay Vee (@just_jocelyn27) April 19, 2022


Not Father Abraham over here doing some quick math

— Demotivational Speaker (@OdunEweniyi) April 19, 2022

Every level of this is… lmao nothing is serious

— Tonja Renée Stidhum (@TonjaStidhum) April 19, 2022

I *think* he's saying that he wants a wife whom he can build a family with instead of one-offs w/random women. Again, I think😀

— Ms. Andrea 3000 (@MsAndrea3000) April 19, 2022


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