T.I. Thinks 6ix9ine Should Be Fine Outside of Prison

"There's a bunch of rats walking around right now."

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Tekashi 6ix9ine's trial has brought the concept of snitching back on people's minds in a way it hasn't been since Carmelo Anthony was appearing in street PSAs. But even with the high-level of attention 6ix9ine's cooperation with authorities has received, T.I. doesn't think Tekashi will have a problem outside of prison.

In an interview with Big Boy, T.I. shared that he thinks Tekashi's sentence will be drastically reduced and that he'll have no problem coming home once he does get out. T.I. said that there are plenty of "rats walking around right now."

"They riding 'round with somebody they know done told in they hood right now, because, 'Well, he didn't tell on me.' This cat can come home and throw parties and the parties be popping. It be full," he said at around the 56-minute mark. "If motherfuckers don't fuck with rats, how the hell is this party so packed? And everybody know how cous' came home. Everybody know what happened."

Tekashi has been telling authorities about the alleged illegal activities of his one-time friends (and Nine Trey Bloods members) Anthony Ellison and Aljermiah Mack. Along the way, he's named Trippie Redd and Jim Jones in his testimony. He also confirmed that Cardi B was a Blood, though that's not anything the rapper hasn't shared herself. 

Bitch I been a big time Blood since I was 16 sooo fuck is you talking bout ..ya just never peep it https://t.co/TNVa6OPqfl

— Cardi B (@iamcardib) May 7, 2017

T.I. wasn't shocked at Tekashi's decision to cooperate.

"I knew it was either that or he was gonna get himself killed," he said. "I knew he wasn't gon' do no long periods of time in no RICO case. I just knew that...I didn't know it was gonna happen as soon as it did."

T.I. also took the opportunity to air his grievances with people who consider him a snitch. He said anybody he would have snitched on has had 12 years to retaliate and the lack of action on that front speaks volumes. The rapper challenged people who think his prison bid was suspiciously short to find any proof for their claims. 

"The thing that really hurt my feelings, when cats have suspicions about me and how my case worked and how I got down and such a downward departure and put that on me," he said. "My paperwork is available. Anybody that ever wanna see it. My plea agreement, you can pull up my court minutes. All you need is my name [and] my birthday. It's public record. Ain't no secret snitches."

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