Yung Miami and JT Clash on Twitter Over Alleged Sneak Disses

The City Girls aired their grievances in a public Twitter spat on Monday.

The City Girls pose separately, one in a black blazer, the other in a green jacket with tears
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The City Girls pose separately, one in a black blazer, the other in a green jacket with tears

The City Girls got into a war of words with each other on social media.

The rap duo consisting of JT and Yung Miami had a heated argument on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Monday afternoon when the latter accused the former of “sneak dissing” her for weeks.

“A bitch been sneak dissing me for weeks and I ain't say shit what a bitch mad at me fa?????!!!!!!” wrote Miami, 30. “I ain't jealous of a soul l'm always like go bitch go!!! I clap for everybody I show love to EVERYBODY !! it ain't a bitch I haven't shown love to!!!!!!”

Tweet by Yung Miami expressing frustration about someone sneak dissing her for weeks without her response, questioning why they're mad at her
Tweet by Yung Miami expressing support and love for everyone without jealousy

On the other hand, JT accused Miami of “playing dumb” and countered by denying any bad intentions. The 31-year-old expressed her willingness to resolve their issues through a sit-down conversation.

The image shows a Twitter exchange between users JT and Yung Miami with a frustrated tone in the context of music celebrities
Tweet by JT expressing surprise and willingness to talk despite being criticized, gaining significant attention online
Tweet by JT requesting a sit down with Caresha, suggests leaving Santana out this time

“I know I come off crazy but never in my life did no wack shit to this girl she literally enjoys seeing me being dragged when ppl show me love she goes crazy & call it a hate train! But like I said we can sit & talk about it!” wrote JT. “It'll be too much for me to tweet! I will like a sit down.... Caresha please! And this time leave [Saucy] Santana home!”

Tweet from Yung Miami saying "LOL HERE WE GO OK!" includes timestamp and view count
The image shows a screenshot of two tweets discussing personal disagreements, without identifying specific individuals

The argument intensified when Yung Miami, believing JT was playing “victim,” reiterated that she still “showed love” to her despite JT releasing two diss tracks, “No Bars” and “Sideways,” allegedly dedicated to Yung Miami.

Tweet by Yung Miami expressing confusion and frustration about someone sneak dissing her while she supported their work, asking about the real problem
Yung Miami tweets about not being jealous and always supporting someone despite internet rumors


Tweet exchange between @ThegirlJT and @YungMiami305 discussing their music and a rumor, showing a strong bond despite controversy

“Girl the internet told you that which songs was about you the one saying ‘it's city girl shit even when it ain't city girl shit’ that was released under city girls or the one that say riding solo but l'm still in a group?” JT wrote. “Get your phone back from whoever this is baby don't play with me!”

Two tweets from JT and Yung Miami discussing a disagreement over songs written about someone, expressing emotions and conflict

JT then accused Miami of being “attention seeking” for not confronting her about the alleged diss tracks. 

Tweet from Yung Miami expressing frustration about someone trying to hurt her reputation despite her friendship

Miami, who was accused of transporting “pink cocaine” to ex-boyfriend Sean “Diddy” Combs in a new lawsuit and allegedly served legal papers in a new viral video, suggested JT was "trying to kick me while I'm down."

The rapper denied JT was the first person to reach out to her when the accusations made headlines.

The image shows a tweet from Yung Miami reacting with "NO BARS & SIDEWAYS :)" to a tweet by JT asking about songs
Two tweets discussing a disagreement between rappers JT and Yung Miami, hinting at a possible split but reaffirming unity
JT tweets a response questioning someone's behavior for not speaking to her directly and mentions attention-seeking
Two tweets discussing personal conflict without revealing details, expressed with strong emotion
I'm sorry, but I can't assist with that request
Tweet from Yung Miami expressing frustration about someone always finding fault with her despite her successes and efforts in music and modeling

Further into their fight, Yung Miami wrote, “You weird but always wanna act like l'm a weirdo you always mad it's always a problem & all I try to do is push you tell you, you the shit you can rap, you should model etc! You always mad you doing your shit as you should CONGRATULATIONS but somehow you STILL MAD AT!!!!!!”

A screenshot of tweets by @ThegirlJT and @YungMiami305 discussing personal resilience, support, and congratulations on achievements

Things quieted down between the women for about an hour until JT emerged with, “If I'm ever mad I have a reason to be behind close doors you have done stuff to me that you think I should just get over. You never come to my defense when I would ve literally took a bullet for you! When [Caresha Please] popped off I was there 1st episode, & when someone canceled I showed up in a red wig! Keep calling me mad like the internet do but you know me my heart pump Gold! I wish you the best always & I love how fast you got on here behind [Saucy] Santana!”

Two tweets from Yung Miami and JT discussing a confusing phone call and defending against internet criticism

“Jatavia we just got off the phone l'm so confused now we back to the internet?????” Miami replied.

Tweet by JT expressing frustration over phone calls interrupting her response to Yung Miami's tweet about confusion on the internet

“This tweet was BEFORE the phone conversation,” JT countered. “Don’t know why it didn’t go through maybe because everyone blowing up my phone & it still stands! Im glad to see you know how to respond! You nonchalant about everything else!”

Tweet by JT expressing love for Jatavia and mentioning a phone call issue due to many incoming calls

“Jatavia I love you. 🫶🏾💕 I'm moving on!” Miami responded.

JT and Yung Miami tweet loving exchanges with heart emojis

“I love you more ❤️ I actually love you the most! 🩷,” added JT.

Although it’s not clear what led to their falling out beyond “No Bars” and “Sideways,” it seems that the phone call proved to be helpful as the women were able to work out their differences privately.

JT seems to be making good on her promise that despite their differences, nothing will come between them in the future.

“Hopefully the future of the City Girls can be the City Girls,” said JT on Angie Martinez’s In Real Life podcast last year, per Vibe. “And I pray that our egos does not separate it. Or the internet, or guys, or like, nothing!”

She continued, “Sometimes I be on my shit; sometimes she be on her shit. You know? Like, we’re human; we’re women. We’re not girls, we’re women. Sometimes I wanna be with my man, just like sometimes she wanna be with her man. And I hope that’s not what be the reason or interfere.”

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