JT Responds to Trick Daddy Suggesting ‘Nobody Checking for Me’ in Comparison to Yung Miami

JT made an appearance on Yung Miami's 'Caresha Please' podcast, where she touched on how people may view her versus how they see her City Girls counterpart.

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JT and Yung Miami have an undying love for each other. That much is clear in the latest episode of Miami’s podcast Caresha Please, which she co-hosts with Saucy Santana.

JT made an appearance in the latest episode, where she touched on how fans view her versus how they see her City Girls counterpart. 

“Trick [Daddy] made a comment like more so of like, nobody checking for me,” JT said around the 1:07:15 mark above. “They more into you like, ‘Blah blah blah,’” JT said to Caresha. “We know it’s not true—we both equally loved. But he said that from his [standpoint] because…he don’t be around as much…he was born way back in the day. So he wouldn’t really know what’s going on right now. He’s only going to see what’s viral on the internet, so from his standpoint he felt that way. He felt like, ‘Oh my god, Caresha like really made it’ because he, of course, he’s a fan of Diddy, he’s older. He’ll see the podcast and he’ll be like, ‘Oh she must have got something between her legs. … And JT, nobody’s checking for her.’ How do you y’all feel about it?”

“I don’t never think like I want to go solo,” Miami responded. “I’ma bring the freak side out, you gon’ bring out the pop yo shit.”

“Street bitches,” JT added.

“Right, so I feel like people love us for why they love us,” Miami continued as JT became teary-eyed. “Me personally, I feel like we started together, we grew up together. I’m not thinking, ‘Oh, I’m gonna do this shit without JT.’ That’s not my intention, that’s not what I’m on. I feel like people love us as a group and we stronger as a group. We stronger together.”

Elsewhere, JT commented on the group’s career, noting that while she was incarcerated, Miami hopped on 21 Savage’s 2018 song “a&t” from his album i am > i was. JT revealed that Miami never told her about the feature, with JT thinking her musical partner was trying to “snipe” her and revealing that she cried “for hours.” JT later found out the song was credited to the City Girls rather than just Yung Miami.

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