People Aren't Happy With Chris Brown Wishing Rihanna Happy Birthday on Instagram


First of all, happy birthday Rihanna! We are not worthy of this Pisces goddess with killer footwear and flawless foundation. Seriously, there’s a lot to celebrate today. What's less celebration-worthy is Chris Brown joining in on the birthday wishes. Yep, Brown shared a baby photo of young Robyn Fenty on his Instagram wishing her a happy birthday.

The picture is obviously adorable, and some fans thought it was a sweet sentiment showing that the complicated past between the two artists is behind them. Others thought it was disgusting. “DID YOU FORGET THE FACT THAT YOU BEAT ON MY SIS,” @eangotclout commented.

“Delete this?? Abusing women and continuing to stalk them long after they’ve moved on is creepy and sad, not funny or cute,” wrote @eastcoastvibes.

For those who don’t recall or might be murky on the details, Rihanna and Chris Brown dated for about four years from 2005 to 2009, with a brief reunion in 2013. Headlines began popping up everywhere in 2009 that the two were far from the happy couple they appeared to be. Images of a bruised Rihanna hit the internet with circulating rumors of domestic violence. The ordeal resulted in Chris Brown being slapped with a restraining order at the end of their relationship.

There are more details you can read about here and here, but at the end of the day, the two went their separate ways. The aftermath gave Rihanna fans songs like “Russian Roulette,” a ballad that details relationship violence by comparing it to a game. Rihanna became, and in some ways still is, the complicated poster child of domestic violence. “I am strong,” she told ABC back in 2009. “This happened to me. I didn’t cause it. I didn’t do it. This happened to me and it can happen to anybody.”

In a 2015 interview with Vanity Fair, Rihanna said that she felt no ill will toward Brown, but that the two were not friends and don’t really have any contact.

Fortunately, Robyn's now got her scrumptious bae Hassan Jameel to give her all the birthday wishes she really needs on this big 3-0 milestone. Happy Birthday, Rihanna!

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