DJ Self Speaks on Nicki Beef: 'I Don't Have Any Relationship With Her at All'

“Tri-State, listen to this: I never had a conversation with her about any female rapper, I never asked her for a drop, I never asked her for a hug, and still to this day i do not know what her issue is with me," Self claims.

In between press stops and interviews for her new album Queen,Nicki Minaj is finding plenty of time to rage ongoing social media wars with her critics, including her ex Safaree, his "gyatDamn hairline," and NYC-based DJ Self.

In an attempt to clear the air, Self went on air at Power 105 to tell his side of the story. Listen to his full explanation in the clip below. 

The drama began when Self decided to share a now-deleted Instagram post poking at the beef between Cardi B and Nicki, writing “So you really mad who got the best female album out now talk to me.”

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Nicki caught wind of Self’s post and quickly clapped back. “He's mad cuz I refused to give him a drop or a hug," Nicki wrote in a now-deleted tweet, claiming Self had previously been dissing Cardi. "He was just up there dissin the btch thinking that would make me fuk wit him. Lmao. Jokes on you once again dummy. Passed up on ya meal tkt now u get crumbs from her table. Ur a reality tv hoe. Used to be a respected DJ."

She then threatened to tell everyone what Self allegedly said about Cardi in another deleted tweet. “Should I tell the people what you told me about her????? You would want me to spread that rumor,” she wrote.

Self appeared opposite Cardi several times while the Bronx rapper was on Love and Hip Hop for two seasons. No one says Cardi's name directly, but it's quite obvious given Cardi and Self's turbulent history together on the show. Self previously refused to sign B, and at one point wouldn’t even play her music on the radio. It’s no secret he might be more than a little bitter about passing on the now record-breaking superstar.

Following Nick's tweets, Self posted a long reply on Instagram, insinuating she's only upset because he and her ex Safaree Samuels are friends. Samuels also suggested as much during their heated Twitter war yesterday.

You hold on to everything. your problem with Dj self is because me and him are so cool and nothing else. You have a problem with mona Scott because she put me on the show. let all that ish go. And now I stole your card? The 1 you gave me he pin for and had me doing ish with?

— @IAMSAFAREE (@IAMSAFAREE) August 14, 2018

Now Self has gone on-air to defend himself, claiming everything Nicki tweeted was a lie. “Last night, Nicki Minaj came to the radio station to visit DJ Clue. I felt that it was some weird vibes between DJ Self, me, and Nicki Minaj,” he said. “Because a while ago on the blogs they were like 'Nicki Minaj unfollows DJ Self,' and I found that weird because I don't have any relationship with her at all.”

He went on to explain that after Nicki’s interview, DJ Clue informed him that she refused to do any of Self’s drops for the station. “Later on that night she started to tweet a lot of lies, saying ‘hey I’m going to tell the people about the conversation you had about her,'” he continued. “We never had no conversations ever at all. It fell in line with her other lies about me asking her for a hug and asking her for a drop.”

“Tri-State, listen to this: I never had a conversation with her about any female rapper, I never asked her for a drop, I never asked her for a hug, and still to this day I do not know what her issue is with me," he repeated.

He also admitted that given Nicki's fame, this is not a fight he can likely win. “This will the last time you even hear me speak on this,” he ended before thanking DJ Envy and the Power 105 staff for sticking by him. 

Nicki hasn’t responded to Self’s recent comments, and Cardi B is somewhere living her life, seemingly unbothered, because she has yet to speak on the beef at all. It's a very he-said-she-said situation, so it's unlikely we'll ever know the truth about what went down, but all this Nicki drama is definitely keeping an otherwise boring August interesting. 

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