Fallout continues from the video featuring Safaree Samuels catching a few blows before escaping from men he alleges were members of Meek Mill’s crew. The clip surfaced online Friday, and Safaree quickly became the subject of internet memes after claiming he was jumped in an attempt orchestrated by Meek. Additional video hit the web Saturday, and Safaree can be seen greeting DJ Self before two men approach Safaree. On Saturday, Self took measures to address any rumors of his involvement.

Footage of Safaree being jumped by apparently Meek Mill crew. By the look of the video Meek was chilling 🤷🏿‍♂️😂. pic.twitter.com/0ZWFGASGqQ

— Yo' Fav Rap Page!! (@MOBChronicles1) June 24, 2017

“To protect my name and my brand, I feel like I have to address this,” Self said, in a video he posted to his Instagram account. “It was an issue that happened yesterday, and both parties are good friends of mine. I rock with both of them, and I do not like to get in between people’s beef. And if I do, I like to squash it as opposed to provoke it. Now, it was no way, now how where I could ever line somebody up or set somebody up. First of all it was impossible for me to do that because I didn’t know that either party was gonna be there. When I got up there, I saw one of my friends, and I was talking to him…then another friend pulled up, and it just happened.”

Self went on to express hopes that Safaree and Meek could work out their differences or at least peacefully coexist.  In a caption to the video, he chalked up the incident to all parties being “in a place at the wrong time” and asked fans “Please stop listening to silly rumors.”


Stop paying attention to stupid shit and catch a real message #youngblackamerica video out now!

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Meek made similar remarks while promoting his “YBA” video and single via Instagram telling fans, “Stop paying attention to stupid shit and catch a real message.”