August Alsina on Relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith: 'Nobody Preyed on Me'

In a new interview with Vulture, Alsina opens up about how he's navigating the drama involving him and his relationship with the Smith family.

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august alsina vulture

August Alsina has no regrets. 

In a juicy, in-depth interview with Vulture’s Craig Jenkins, the R&B singer opened up about his life in a post-Red Table Talkworld. Yes, that Red Table Talk, and spoiler alert: he didn’t watch it. 

is this the greatest headline? or the greatest headline?

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Still, Alsina said he wouldn’t change a thing. “Nobody preyed on me or was a predator towards me...Every lesson man, every, every relationship, every experience is a blessing,” he told Vulture. “You learn from it, whether good or bad. I could never say that I regret being given the gift of experience and love. It’s a lesson.”

Despite opting out of watching the record-breaking episode where Will and Jada Smithlaid out the mess, August feels no ill will toward the Smith family. “I love all of them. They’ve been my family, and there’s a lot of history there,” he said. “They’re beautiful people. They’re beautiful spirits. They really are.” 

He even defended Jada’s much criticized use of the word “entanglement.” “If you look up the definition of ‘entanglement,’ it is a complex and difficult relationship. It was exactly that,” he said. “I definitely have to agree with it being an entanglement. It definitely was something complicated, a complicated dynamic.”

On how an “entanglement” works: “I would agree [with Jada]. If you look up the definition of ‘entanglement,’ it is a complex and difficult relationship. It was exactly that. I think it’s just the language that probably stuck out to people”

— Vulture (@vulture) July 17, 2020

August also explained why he ultimately decided to disclose the relationship with Angela Yee when he did. “People looked at me as this problematic guy who was super reckless, like I’m pushing up on someone’s wife,” he said. “That started to really eat at my soul, but deeper than that, it started to fuck with my partnerships and business relationships and money because of people seeing me as this reckless guy who’s, like, publicly announcing his love and pushing up on somebody’s wife, quote, unquote...That’s really the only reason I felt the need to speak my truth.”

Craig later asked August to address the other elephant in the room: his small online spat with Keke Palmer. “I would dive into that with you, but I literally can’t give her any of my energy at this point in my life,” he said, before seeming to call Palmer out. “I will say is that covert narcissism exists...People will throw stones and hide their hands and then get back and play victim.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Alsina opens up about his battle with a rare autoimmune disorder and maintaining his mental health. Fortunately, the singer said he’s “in a better place than I have ever been.”

In fact, Alsina also dropped a music video today for his hit song “Rounds” from third studio album The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy. Check out that video below.

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