50 Cent and Ja Rule Are Fighting on IG, Again

50 Cent and Ja Rule are going back and forth on social media again after a post from 50 was reported and taken down on IG. 50 blamed Ja for reporting the post, and Ja Rule replied by calling 50 a rat.

50 Cent is always picking fights on IG. If you follow him, your timeline is likely filled with the phrase “get the strap” aimed at one person or another. But 50's beef with Ja Rule existed long before the days of social media, stemming from some drama in the early 2000s.

Just a couple weeks ago, the two were going back and forth online over Ja Rule’s scathing diss track “Loose Change” from 2002, in which Ja arguably ethered 50 and Eminem on a level beyond Pusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon.”

Now the two artists are fighting on social media once again. It all started when 50 reposted an image from Kanye West’s new Yeezy Campaign, starring nude Kim Kardashian look alikes. The photo was reported, prompting Instagram to remove 50’s post and disable his account.

Shortly after his account was disabled, 50 made his way back on IG to post an old photo of Ja Rule, blaming Ja for reporting his account.

Ja Rule obviously fired back, and called 50 a “rat,” while sharing an image of a document that names Curtis Jackson as an informant (50’s real name). The post also includes an image of the rapper wearing some officer garb. The photo from the set of 50's recent film Den of Thieves, which came out back in January.

50 hasn't replied to Ja's latest post, but it's unlikely this will be the last we hear from these two.

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