Ja Rule Boasts His Eminem/50 Cent "Loose Change" Diss Was the Most Disrespectful

16 years ago, mainstream rap beef was still violent and utterly lyrically ruthless. Ja wants everyone to remember that.

While Pusha-T and Drake are going at it, Ja Rule wants everyone to remember that his 2002 diss track “Loose Change” was on a whole other level entirely. 

In case you weren’t wired into the game 16 years ago and frantically followed the Aftermath/Shady Records/Murder Inc. beef, let’s break it down. The bad blood between 50 Cent and Ja Rule started way before Eminem had even signed 50 to Shady. A chain was snatched, 50 dropped “Life’s on the Line” (which accused Ja of being a fake thug), 50 was stabbed, and allegiances were set in stone. Largely dismissed by major labels as a risky investment, 50 got a second chance in the form of a multi-million dollar deal at Shady Records. This pitted all of Aftermath, Shady, and G-Unit against Ja Rule, Irv Gotti, and Murder Inc. 

While Pusha’s “The Story of Adidon” is definitely a diss track that most closely resembles the savage ruthlessness in 50, Em, and Ja's records being thrown back and forth back then, Rule definitely has a point—“Loose Change” was some pretty hardcore shit. 

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Not only did Ja accuse 50 of being a snitch, call Dr. Dre a homosexual, claimed all of Aftermath, Shady, Interscope (and even Jimmy Iovine) enjoyed golden showers, tell 50 he’d get shot again, and insult Busta Rhymes—he also accused Em of appropriating black culture, called his wife a slut, and ended the track by calling Em's daughter Hailie one, too. That’s wild, and Ja wants people to remember that.

Of course, 50 Cent had to respond:

Ja couldn't let that slide, either, so he took jabs back at 50 for his trolling self via Instagram and Twitter: 

While we can all surely appreciate the current back and forth between Drake and Push, their beef has yet to rise to the insurmountably disrespectful levels present in the early 2000s—and 2018—between 50 and Ja. Things got ugly back then, and the fact that diss tracks like "Loose Change" were the least of everyone's problems says a lot. As you can tell, the animosity between 50 and Ja is still very much alive and bubbling under the surface, and of course, on social media. Fortunately, Push and Drake are keeping things on wax—as they should. Go ahead guys, Ja said he's letting y'all finish.

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