Last week, former G-Unit rapper Young Buck asserted that his beef with 50 Cent was all for show, but now the G-Unit leader is saying that’s a lie.

In a post on Instagram, 50 Cent addressed the claims that the beef was fake. He also revisited the origins of the beef in recent years, which came from 50 sharing transphobic memes and sentiments directed at Buck after he supposedly dated a trans woman. As HotNewHipHop pointed out, Buck recently addressed the situation in a VladTV interview. He claimed he was catfished by a trans woman, but he never had a relationship with her.

“SMH,” wrote Fif in a since-deleted post, once again revisiting the transphobia that kickstarted this flaccid beef. “He only makes a fool of him self and the transgender man he was dating for a year gets angry every time he says he got cat fished stop lying Damn!”

The post also included an image of Buck on Instagram Live, which Fif wrote “impulsive liar” over. It’s unclear what drove Fif to respond, but my money’s on boredom.

Last week, Buck said of Fif, “We ain’t got no motherfucking beef.” During that Instagram Live stream, he asserted that 50 wanted to “stage” a feud between them.

“50 was like, ‘I’ma say all kinds of shit about you, n***a. I’ma make them fucking hate you. Then you gon’ make them love you again,’” Buck continued. He went on to say, “I just followed the n***a plan and then, all of a sudden, I guess the n***a was right because they love me again. And I did it…I made them love me again.”