Young Thug recently courted controversy after he made comments some perceived as a diss against UK rappers, and now he's clarified his thoughts. Appearing on the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast in an interview with Gillie da Kid, Thug suggested that there "ain't no n***a from motherfuckin' London or Paris with goddamn green eyes talkin' about where he came up at."

Some believed the comments suggested he thought there's no "real Gs" in the UK or France, but he's since intimated that's not the case. In a series of posts shared to his Instagram Stories on Sunday, Thugger made it clear he was talking about white middle-class rappers from London and Paris, not all rappers from both countries.

"On this interview with my n***a Gillie, when I was talkin’ about the fucking overseas n***as? N***a, I’m talking 'bout the motherfuckin' middle-class white guys and shit like that,” he explained. "N***a I know real Gs out there, n***a. I fuck with real Gs! My motherfuckin' n***a Giggs, all these motherfuckin' n***as, Skepta, all them playas? I fuck with real Gs. These n***as handlin’ they business smoking shit. I got plenty gangsta stories about these n***as. I’m most definitely not talking 'it’s not no real gangstas out there.'"

Explaining his comments further, Thug also highlighted that his "twin" 21 Savage has family out in the UK, too. "My motherfuckin' twin 21 got family out there stepping. King stepping! I know real steppers out there," he added. "There’s no way possible I’m saying there’s no Gs out there, them n***as handlin’ they business. I’m talkin’ middle class."

This isn't the only time Thug has felt the need to clear up some things. Just last month, the rapper said that Jay-Z didn't have 30 stadium anthems, while he himself has at least 40. "Jay-Z ain't got 30 songs like that... the whole stadium finna sing," he said. He was quick to say that he was "talking too fast," and wanted to make it clear that he has respect for Jay and his comments were taken out of context.