A full-length collab album from Pusha-T and Freddie Gibbs? It’s hard to imagine responding to a theoretical project of that nature with anything other than yes please.

In response to a tweet on Friday proposing that Gibbs and King Push face off for an edition of the pandemic-spawned Verzuz battle series to determine "the current king of coke rap," Gibbs proposed an alternative: just do an album together.

"Fuck a versus," he said Friday morning. "I would make this album tho."

Sadly, Gibbs didn't elaborate any further and Pusha-T hasn't weighed in on any of this. The two titans, however, have linked up in the past with more-than-pleasing results. For example, Pusha-T was among the guests on Gibbs and Madlib's joint album Bandana back in the summer of 2019. The Daytona artist appeared on the track "Palmolive" alongside Killer Mike:

In a 2019 Power 106 interview, Gibbs declared himself and Pusha-T two of the best living rap artists.

"Right now, Pusha-T for sure," Gibbs said when asked to give his current top 5. "He definitely one of the best rappers to me. Shit, he's an all-time great."

Earlier this month, Pusha-T connected with Vince Staples for Divine's "Jungle Mantra," which appears on the official soundtrack for the Netflix drama The White Tiger.

Gibbs, meanwhile, recently landed on Complex's Best Albums of 2020 and Best Rap Verses of 2020 rankings. He's also fresh off acknowledging the "end of an era" in response to being banned from Instagram.