42 Dugg has offered to help pay bail for the Kansas City woman who tracked down and killed her brother's suspected murderer, and DaBaby says he'll match.

In a post on his Instagram, Dugg suggested that he wants to help out 21-year-old Tityana Coppage, who is accused of shooting a man on Jan. 13, just three days after the death of her 16-year-old brother Jason Ugwuh.

"I got the 20 thousand if they can get her out on ten percent tell her people get with me," Dugg wrote on Instagram.

In a follow-up, DaBaby caught wind of what Dugg offered, and added, "I match u a dub."

Coppage admitted to firing a gun at the vehicle the victim was in when she was questioned by police, although she said she was acting in self-defense. Additionally, two incriminating text messages were found on her phone, one saw her asking for ammunition, the other a text to her late brother. "Sent a [expletive] to my brother I owe em that body," she wrote in the text.

She is charged with second-degree murder, and is currently being held on $200,000 bond. If Dugg and DaBaby are serious about their offers to help pay her bail, it shouldn't take too much more to get her out of jail, especially if anyone else offers to match what they're willing to contribute.