Bad Bunny refuses to rest. We’re two days into 2021, and the Puerto Rican artist has already dropped new material in the form of a music video featuring WWE legend Booker T.

Benito recruited the wrestler to aid in the visuals for his eponymous song “Booker T,” from his chart-topping El Último Tour Del Mundo album. 

The minimal video mostly features the two chilling in the back of a moving 18-wheeler while Bad Bunny performs around Booker, who stands stone cold in the middle of the trailer. At one point, the video cuts to some puppets, and eventually the wrestling icon breaks his serious pose to get down and dance alongside the Latin trap star. 

Booker T told the Houston Chronicle that Bunny reached out to him directly as a fan to ask about the music video. 

"He was one of the kids growing up that was doing the Spinnarooni and scissor kicking somebody," Booker told the local paper. "That's what was so cool about it, it was organic. He was a fan of mine, I'm a fan of the new generation. It just lets me know where I've gone in my career and how many people I've touched along the way. I might not know all the words, but I feel the vibe and I definitely dig the record."

In addition to El Último Tour Del Mundo, Bunny dropped two other projects last year including YHLQMDLG and Las que no iban a salir. Looks like Benito isn’t slowing down anytime soon. 

Check out the music video for "Booker T" above.