A 38-year-old woman fell to her death on Saturday after trying to get a selfie at a popular Australian vista point, the local news reports

Victorian woman, Rosy Loomba, tripped over the edge of the Boroka Lookout in Halls Gap and fell nearly 263 feet to her death. Police say the mother climbed past safety barriers to pose on a "picture perfect rock" for a photo before falling off the cliff. The tour guide, Graham Wood, reportedly warned visitors of the cliff's dangers only 30 minutes prior to her death. 

"I made a comment to my customers, that this (people climbing over the barrier) happens all the time," he said, per CNN. "And one of these days, someone's going to fall off. I'm sad that it's happened."

To make the tragedy worse, Loomba's death was witnessed by her husband and child who were unable to save her from the fall. Police and SES crews scaled the cliff face for six hours to retrieve her remains. The viewing platform was closed throughout the afternoon during the retrieval process but has since reopened to the public. 

Boroka Lookout has become a popular attraction because the overhang near the side of the cliff has a panoramic view of the mountains. People have made a habit of climbing over the safety barriers to grab pictures of themselves on the ledge, especially in the age of Instagram. Following Loomba's death, Police Minister Lisa Neville found it necessary to remind people that likes are not worth their life.

"We can't rope off every part of Victoria," she said. "People have to take responsibility."