TMZ has learned that police were called to the home of Famous Dex Monday morning after receiving a complaint about a possible domestic disturbance. Authorities were told that an argument between Dex and his ex-girlfriend turned violent, and were informed that he allegedly had, at least, one gun inside the residence.  

When police arrived at Dex’s home, his ex-girlfriend was found outside with noticeable cuts on her. Operating under the assumption that Dex was barricading himself inside his residence, the SWAT team was called for assistance. Authorities eventually made it into Dex’s home, but he wasn’t there. An investigation is underway, and Dex is considered a suspect in their felony domestic violence report. 

This incident comes days after NLE Choppa publicly expressed his concern about Dex's well-being. Choppa called on Dex’s label, 300 Entertainment, to step in and help their artist with what he believed to be heavy drug use. 

Dex responded to NLE Choppa’s comments and said he wasn't bothered by them. In fact, Dex seemed to appreciate that "at least somebody cares."