After heating up the indie circuit, Westside Gunn and Conway The Machine of Griselda decided to sign with Eminem's Shady Record Label. Now, it seems like this union is no more.

During a recent appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast, Westside Gunn revealed that he was no longer signed to Shady Records. 

"I'm off Shady," Westside said when asked his current label situation. "I'm actually a free agent."

After inking a deal with Eminem in 2017, Westside Gunn released an onslaught of projects leading up to his official debut album, Who Made The Sun Shine. Although the project was highly anticipated and met with rave reviews, Gunn seemingly felt like there should have been a bigger push by Em and the label. Accordingly, when Eminem posted The Alchemist's latest project, The Food Villian, on Instagram, fans were confused as to why he didn't promote Westside's projectWestside eventually caught wind of these comments and replied with laughing emojis. 

Despite this, he didn't air out the label's dirty laundry when asked if he felt whether it dropped the ball.

"I'm not no pillow talking type of nigga," he said. "That's how I move. ... It's like saying me and [Benny The Butcher] or Conway or Conway or Benny or whoever, we may have a disagreement the world will never know about it. It's just going to be brothers and cousins. It's the same way with business."

Watch Westside Gunn's full appearance on The Joe Budden Podcast above.