6ix9ine’s manager isn’t pleased with the new Hulu and Showtime documentaries that spotlight the rapper.

Hulu released its Vikram Gandhi-directed doc, 69: The Saga of Daniel Hernandez on Monday that arrives just after Showtime’s three-part Tekashi series, Supervillain. Both features have already touched a nerve with 6ix9ine’s team, with his manager Murda Murphy taking to Instagram to make it clear that neither doc was approved by him or the rapper.

“The Hulu & Showtime @6ix9ine projects!! Are both unauthorized!!” Murda Murphy wrote on his Instagram Story. "Nothing to do with us!! Zero!! The people in these talking are [cap]! Are not involved with us in anyway!!” He added, “Don't support this trash!! When @6ix9ine does something you'll be the first to know!”

The Hulu film is described as “part investigative documentary, part real-life gangster movie,” an account of the rapper’s life as he turned from an internet troll to a chart-topping artist and later, snitch.

The synopsis continues, “One of the most controversial figures in contemporary pop culture, 6ix9ine repeatedly broke the internet with his sensationalist music videos and social media beefs before infamously testifying against Brooklyn gang the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods in a landmark trial.”