Rod Wave is a buzzing star. But, what's a burst into fame without a random stage accident?

On Saturday, video surfaced on the internet of Rod Wave performing at a concert. Like most young artists, Rod flooded the stage with his entourage and team. It seems like the mass of people was too much for the stage to handle causing it to collapse under the weight. 

Rod also took to IG to comment on the fall, writing, "PIMP DOWN I REPEAT PIMP DOWN."

While this spill was bad, it could've been a lot worse. Fortunately for Rod Wave, he was on the edge of the collapsed portion and was able to scramble out of harm's way. Although he did end up on his back, he didn't fall completely through the whole like some of his entourage. Still, this provided a lot of content for fans to use once the video started to make its rounds.