50 Cent and T.I. have proven that it's possible to be competitors and friends. As a result, 50 felt it was within his right to check Tip about his King Von comments. 

"He just made a mistake," 50 said about 12 minutes into his recent appearance on The Breakfast Club. "He's in a different place ... There's nothing wrong with the statement he made about Atlanta being positive and productive and supportive of other people doing things. But... they just lost a loved one. They don't care nothing about nothing that you talking about. Like when you say 'Don't bring your beef to Atlanta.' You don't usually schedule where it's going to happen."

Following the tragic death of King Von outside of an Atlanta nightclub, T.I. took to Instagram where he urged outside rappers to handle their beefs outside of the city. Many people took offense to this, including King Von's sister who asked 50 Cent to step in on the family's behalf. 50 obliged and sent out an Instagram post directed toward's Tip. 

"A @troubleman31 you gotta chill, you bugging for saying anything. They got casualties this is real shit, i don’t know what you was thinking but re think it now," 50 wrote in a post that featured King Von's sister's message to him. "They are hurting, they love that boy he was a way out. I bet you don’t even realize they will kill you for what you just said. what hood you from again? come on now it’s quiet time."

After a wave of backlash, T.I. backed away from his statement claiming that it wasn't about King Von. But, 50 isn't buying it. 

"Don't say that that's not what that's about, this just happened," 50 continued to The Breakfast Club hosts. "Of course you didn't put the name in it, you wanna backpedal out of it because you realized that's not the right thing to say. And I'm not the fun police.... the timing is bad to say that."

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