It's no secret who 21 Savage was pulling for during last night's Verzuz battle. 

Like the rest of the rap world, 21 and his team came together to watch Jeezy take on Gucci Mane. During the process, 21 made it clear he was riding with his fellow Zone 6 representative. When Gucci dropped his Jeezy diss record "The Truth," 21 went live on Instagram where he rapped the song bar-for-bar. He also rapped several of Gucci's disses toward Jeezy, even laughing as his friends joked that "745" was going to make Jeezy cry. 

21 wasn't just riding with Gucci because they're from the same section. On his new album Savage Mode II, 21 used the track "Many Men" to take direct aim at Jeezy. 

"Need a bad girl like RiRi/We don’t pump fake, we kill beef/21 Savage, not Jeezy, pussy," he raps. 

It's unclear the root of 21's issue with Jeezy, but things came full circle on Thursday. After Gucci Mane played "The Truth," he showed no remorse for his actions. Guwop went as far as to gloat about killing Jeezy's friend, Pookie Loc, to Jeezy's face. Instead of reacting with understandable anger, Jeezy tried to defuse the situation. This allowed the original author of "Many Men," 50 Cent, to praise 21 for seemingly calling a spade a spade. 

50 and Jeezy have issues of their own. It seems like Jeezy isn't fond of 50's trolling antics and addressed it on the song "Therapy for My Soul" from his new album, The Recession 2. Although 50 rarely ventures back into the booth, it would be out of character for him to not find a way to respond.