With less than a month until Election Day, the Biden/Harris ticket is pulling out all the stops in hopes to get people to the polls. 

On Tuesday, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris partnered with the Ultimate Rap League (URL) to create the Ultimate Rap League Biden GOTV (Get Out the Vote) Battle Rap featuring popular battle rap veterans DNA and Charlie Clips. Unlike a traditional battle, Clips and DNA aren't trying to demoralize each other. Instead, they work together to highlight the importance of voting by using the URL's traditional format. 

The video was shot at a basketball court in Washington, DC near Harris' alma mater, Howard University. During the four-minute battle, DNA urges Clips to vote while dismissing Charlie's objections to the democratic process. 

"We always telling each other to 'Stay Woke,'" DNA spits. "That's why this time we gotta use our voice and you have to vote/The facts will show, Biden has a plan for African-Americans/We're not dealing with your average Joe."

Director of Strategic Communications for Biden for President, Kamau Marshall, explained that the campaign's partnership with the URL show's Biden and Harris' commitment to embracing and promoting diversity. 

"Our collaboration with the Ultimate Rap League is an example of how our campaign is taking innovative approaches to engage the diverse communities across the United States," Marshall said in a statement per XXL. "These artists are influencers within their respective communities, and we’re thrilled to showcase their artistry while delivering a key message to voters about how a Biden-Harris administration would advance Black America."

Watch Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' collaboration with the Ultimate Rap League above.