Lil Baby’s fraught relationship with the mother of his oldest son, Jason, has gone public.

Earlier this month, Jason’s mother Ayesha called the rapper out on Instagram for allegedly failing to pay their son’s tuition, which purportedly got Jason kicked out of school. While many initially thought Ayesha made these claims out of jealousy toward Baby’s current girlfriend and second baby mother, Jayda Cheaves, Ayesha said that wasn’t why.

Now, Baby has addressed Ayesha’s allegations on Twitter and reassured his fans that he’s actively taking care of his children.

“My kids beyond well taken care of,” he tweeted.

When a fan referenced Ayesha’s claim about their son’s tuition, Baby responded: “That’s cap ? People do anything for attention. First of all my son isn’t in real school second of all I been paying tuition two years for my son to go to school half the time .. an that’s my point she didn’t rant about tuition but about a car.”

He responded similarly to another fan.

On Monday, Ayesha also accused Baby of jeopardizing their son’s health by making them take Ubers to get around, instead of paying to repair her car. Baby then said he bought Ayesha a Range Rover but hasn’t given it to her yet because she’s “irresponsible.”

“You know we are in the middle of a pandemic,” Ayesha said in an Instagram video. “Me and Jason are taking these costly rides back and forth to get to the grocery store or the city, wherever we have to go. We are in and out of the car with complete strangers. Basically putting ourselves in a position to catch COVID-19.”

She continued, “if one of our drivers possibly had it. Some of you may be looking at me like you should get your car fixed. But at the same time, do anybody look at it like damn Lil Baby why you being petty like this?”

Apparently, tensions between Baby and Ayesha emerged after the rapper publicly gifted Jayda a Birkin bag. Jayda later expressed her own opinions about what it means to be an independent woman—and Yaya Mayweather also chimed in.