The weekend got off to an explosive start for Lil Baby.

The Quality Control rapper got into a heated exchange with the mother of his eldest child, Ayesha, with whom he shares a 4-year-old son. It all started when Ayesha posted an Instagram story claiming their child, Jason, was "basically kicked out of school" because Lil Baby failed to pay his tuition.

"Jason's school tuition had an outstanding balance before the virus even came about. I have every email," she wrote, addressing the Atlanta artist. "Due to you never paying it, they took my baby off the portals so he won't receive any virtual learning programs from this school because they basically kicked him out. ... You get on the internet and tell a big ass lie, then show a Rolex watch you bought Jason, who can't even tell time; but you ain't keep up with his education. Stop hiding behind all this materialistic clout shit and step the fuck up ..."

Ayesha's post also came shortly after Jayda Cheaves, the mother of Lil Baby's youngest son, Loyal, showed off a Birkin bag the rapper had purchased her.

Ayesha later shared some receipts, which she said provided evidence of an outstanding tuition of over $9,000.

Lil Baby responded to the allegations in a since-deleted Instagram story where he claimed to have sent Ayesha $2,500 a month, covered her sister's rent, and paid cash for the house Ayesha and Jason live in. He also said he paid for their son's tutoring and had previously told Ayesha that he didn't want Jason going to the school where the tuition was owed.

"I told you I'm not paying it 'cause he doesn't need to be at that school! I get the n***as you fuckin' ain't buying you Birkins or whatever, but don't go to [the] internet and act like I don't go over an beyond for my son," he wrote. "... Didn't I tell you I wasn't paying no school that I don't want him [at]? Have you text me one time about Jason school since March? Have you text me every day about a car?"

Ayesha fired back at Lil Baby, accusing him of spreading lies.

"The problem is you think it's about a bag, and you're too worried about who I might be screwing," she wrote. "... This is about tuition and neglect. No way I'm a multiple millionaire playing petty, neglecting my kid'sneeds 'cause I'm mad at the mommy; all the while taking care of my home boys ... That's your money to do as you wish, but you don't neglect my son ... I'm don playing with you for the internet. I'll see you in court."