UPDATED 8/9 at 2:52 p.m. ETIllinois and New Jersey have decided not to add Kanye West to their states' ballots over concerns regarding the validity of his petition signatures. Per White House correspondent and CNN political analyst, April Ryan, these multiple denials could open West up to an election-fraud investigation.

This follows reports that Kanye's campaign is being assisted by Republican operatives.

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Kanye West's presidential campaign has taken another huge loss.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the rapper is unlikely to appear on the Illinois general election ballot because he failed to 2,500 valid signatures from state voters—a requirement for independent candidates looking to gain ballot access. West reportedly filed 3,218 signatures; However, following a review, the state hearing officer determined about 60 percent of those signatures were invalid, meaning West fell short by 1,300.

The Tribune reports the rapper's legal team can challenge the findings "by providing evidence and arguments" that prove the submitted signatures were legitimate. He has until Aug. 21 to restore those signatures, but as the publication notes, the task will be difficult.

Ed Mullen, an attorney who objects West’s nominating petitions, stated that Friday's determination means West "is virtually certain to be kicked off the ballot" in the Prairie State.

Though West has reportedly qualified for the Ohio and Colorado ballots, he has already missed the deadlines for many other states. At this time, is it infeasible for him to receive the 270 electoral votes required to win the White House, but he insists he's in it to win. However, many suspect he's running a spoiler campaign that aims to help Trump's re-election by siphoning voters from Joe Biden. These theories were fueled by a New York Times article that stated GOP operatives—some of whom are tied to POTUS—were helping Kanye's campaign

West was asked about this allegation during a recent text exchange with Forbes. Reporter Randall Lane pointed out that West had no chance of winning the election and could possibly hurt Biden's chances. West responded: "I’m not going to argue with you. Jesus is King."