Noname has made it very clear she is no fan of President Donald Trump, but she refuses to label him the "worst president in U.S. history."

The Chicago artist explained her position in a series of tweets Tuesday afternoon, insisting Trump was not some uniquely evil power that many make him out to be. In fact, she argues, Trump is no different than the other commander in chiefs who came before him.

"Framing Trump as the worst president in U.S. history is unproductive and misleading," Noname wrote. "You can't measure presidents against each other when they've all in one way or another enacted crimes against humanity. Unless a president abolishes this U.S. colonial empire, they are all the same."

Noname went on to acknowledged the threat Trump poses, saying he has "no business in any position of power"; however, she notes that some of his predecessors were responsible for some of the biggest atrocities, both domestically and abroad.

"... Let's not forget who expanded the industrial complex. Let's not forget who had more drone strike than any other president," she continued. "Let's not forget the 200,000 murdered during the 'war on terror,' which was imperialism."

Noname's tweets drew mixed reactions. Some co-signed her position, stating the "lesser of two evils" notion was a fallacy and that Trump's increasingly abhorrent presidency was not some kind of unprecedented fluke. Others argued that no presidents were perfect, but it was important to consider the varying degrees of harm across administrations, and accept that some, like Trump, were worst than most others.

Following several Twitter exchanges, Noname left off with a final message to those who were crtical of her stance:

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