On Saturday afternoon, Lil Yachty decided to share some praise to fellow rappers and Atlanta heavyweights Future and Young Thug, calling them "the greatest" and that they need to be recognized as such.

This would eventually prompt another Atlanta legend, T.I., to also co-sign Yachty's statement, commenting in agreement under DJ Akademik's post with "Def 2 KINGS 👑👑‼️."

Both Future and Thug are notably featured on Yachty's latest album Lil Boat 3, making appearances on the tracks "Pardon Me" and "Till the Morning" respectively. Despite dropping the heavily anticipated project right before the nation erupted into protests, Yachty told the Everyday Struggle team that he couldn't have foreseen that happening and isn't upset about it because he knows that there are bigger things happening than music. "I wasn't even upset, I really worked really hard on that project, like almost two years." Yachty said. 

But speaking of Future and Thug, it appears the two still have a lot left in the vault to set free to the streets soon. In an interview Complex had with Future's long time collaborator and 808 Mafia producer Southside, he said that there are several unreleased installments to the rappers coveted Super Slimey mixtape.

"You want me to be honest? They’ve got four or five of them right now, ready if they wanted to," Southside said. "Thugs’s one of the only other artists I've ever seen that is just as talented as Future, as far as recording off the top of their heads. But when those two get together, they’ve got artist chemistry. They just know how to record together. They’ve got five Super Slimeys right now. All hits, if they wanted to drop them."

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