Young Buck and 50 Cent have been going back and forth for years now, and the former has indicated there's no end in sight. Speaking with Adam 22 of No Jumper recently, Buck explained that it's difficult for him to publicly share his problems with his former colleague. In fact, he indicated that 50 Cent impeded the success of G-Unit members as solo artists. 

"I'm very secure of who I am," he said at the 16:30-mark of the interview, before mentioning some of the homophobic and transphobic abuse he's received from the G-Unit head honcho over the past few years. "My separation from G-Unit, it was never about no rumors or none of the bullshit he's pushed out there to the people. It's been about business." While he didn't get specific about the business side of the group, Buck indicated it might have something to do with royalties. 

Buck said that at some point, 50 Cent actually encouraged him to venture out on his own, giving him some advice. Ultimately, however, he believes that Fiff wasn't happy about anyone else in G-Unit being as successful as a solo artist as he was. Buck elaborated that when opportunities would come to 50 Cent, he would often give them to someone other than G-Unit members or himself. "It seems like... [he] wouldn't allow someone to become as big as him or bigger than him," he added.

Buck's comments come after 50 Cent talked about his former cohorts in his recent memoir, in which he said that Buck and Tony Yayo didn't reach their full potential.

Near the end of the interview, Adam 22 asked Buck about what he thought of DMX's recent comments that Lloyd Banks isn't a very "lyrical" rapper. Later on he apologized and said he thought Lloyd Banks was Tony Yayo, which only served to further offend some individuals. Yayo responded by calling X "a crack head," but Buck appears to be laughing the situation off.

"I fuck with X," he said with a smile after he was questioned about X's comments. "I got so much respect for X, and so much respect for Banks," he added, while also calling Yayo his "brother." He argued that it was an "uneven match" to pair Banks up against DMX. "I feel like Banks is one of the best lyricists in the game, but X is a fucking legend."

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