Kodak Black's legal team is launching an investigation after he was reportedly brutalized by several correctional officers. 

On Sunday, Kodak Black's social media reported that the rapper was involved in a serious altercation with authorities at the United States Penitentiary in Big Sandy, Kentucky. Per the post, Black has been barred from using the phone as punishment for an incident that took place while he was incarcerated in Miami. Several inmates told Black's team that he was handcuffed and beaten by seven guards on Friday. 

"We just heard from fellow inmates at Max. Penitentiary Big Sandy KY. In regards to @kodakblack treatment," the post reads. "Friday night he was badly beaten while in cuffs, by 7 guards at Big Sandy KY."

The post went on to allege that Black was hit in the head "repeatedly with a metal object." One of the guards further humiliated Kodak by emasculating him. 

"Then after one of the guards flicked his genitals and said 'you're not so gangster now, you're gonna need bigger balls to survive,'" the post claims.

Black's attorney, Bradford Cohen, has been notified of the incident. Cohen will now seek legal action against the facility as well as urge the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate.

"I have requested that Big Sandy preserve all video and conduct a full investigation. I have also reached out to DOJ, as I feel that a 3rd party investigation needs to take place immediately," Cohen wrote on Instagram. "There are recordings of the witnesses that called and stated what happened to Bill. A 22 year old man serving approx 2 years more for a non violent crime is in a max pen. 1100 miles from his family and lawyers. This is true injustice."