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Following the wrongful death of George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer on Memorial Day, thousands of people across the country have leapt into action to voice their outrage.

Among the many people protesting and standing in solidarity, Juelz Santana shared a new verse on his Instagram on Wednesday that he dedicated to George Floyd.

"All they wanna do is prosecute us," Juelz opens his verse. "Shoot us when they ain’t gotta shoot us/They kill us, turn around, and then protect their own/Meanwhile, we can’t even protect our own."

He continues by talking about the justice system: "If we try, they lock us up and don’t wanna send us home/Next time you see your kids they be already grown/Only God can judge me, only Heaven knows.”

George Floyd was an unarmed black man who was suffocated by a police officer while he was being be subdued. Since this tragedy, celebrities and notable figures including Lebron James, Meek Mill, and more have spoken up about the 46-year-old Floyd's death and pushed for action to be taken.

The Diplomats also released the music video for their song "By Any Means" on Thursday. The crew raps about how they plan to continue to be successful by any means necessary.

You can catch the Diplomats' new video below: