Just recently, French Montana said that he was responsible for shaping "Unforgettable," his collaboration with Swae Lee. The Rae Sremmurd rapper didn't respond positively to the suggestion that the song had "no structure" before French got ahold of it, ultimately calling French's comments "cap." He later said he has "the OG version" still, suggesting that it was a fully formed song before French got involved.

Now French has said that he never got credit for helping produce Rae Sremmurd's 2018 song "Powerglide," which was credited to Hovart and Mike Will Made-It.

"They come in, Swae Lee did a verse on it," French Montana told Billboard, adding that he helped put it together with DJ Paul at Marley Marl's studio. "After I produced it, ask me if I had made one percent off that? I'm the one that came with the whole idea. I'm the one that came up with everything. Gave it to DJ Paul and Juicy J. They produced it. ... Do you think I came after them to get anything, but now that he said that, I'm coming to get my piece. I need my piece of 'Powerglide.' I made it."

In his brief interview with Billboard, he went on to address what he calls "Unforgettable Pt. 2," which was Swae Lee's song "Guatemala." He added, "If I didn't structure the song, then what happened they put out 'Unforgettable P.t 2' with 'Guatemala?' How come that didn't sell 9 million? ... So guess what, if I never did nothing to the first one my brother, and you came out with part two, God bless you my brother, do your thing. All I did was I structured the first one, and what I meant by structured the first one is where I put my verse."

Watch a clip from his Billboard interview above.

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