It's safe to say that Lil Uzi Vert and Playboi Carti have a complicated relationship. But for now, it seems like the two are back on good terms.

On Saturday, Playboi Carti sent out a tweet that appeared to be an olive branch. 

"@LILUZIVERT i love u twin," Carti wrote. Uzi responded by quoting the tweet and writing: "You already know Carti I love u back ......"

This exchange comes after tension seemed to be building between the two. After Carti dropped his latest single, "@ Meh," earlier this month, Lil Uzi sent out a tweet featuring the song's cover art calling the single "Just Meh ." After Carti revealed he had something dropping that following Monday, Uzi sent out a series of tweets giving the impression he intended on stepping on Carti's release by dropping new music. 

Although Carti hasn't released new music, Uzi added to the rumors of beef by dropping his track "Sasuke" on Friday. On the single, Uzi mimics Playboi Carti's baby-voiced flow leading people to believe that it was a diss record. But along with openly expressing love for Carti, Uzi combated those claiming that he was dissing Carti on "Sasuke."