Ja Rule will never be able to put up his catalog against 50 Cent on the Timbaland and Swizz Beatz-created Instagram Live series Versuz, and he knows exactly why that battle couldn’t happen.

“You can only deal with him one way, and that’s the problem. That’s why I said it can’t be done,” he said. Since Rule (and everyone else) knows how much 50 likes to be “petty and silly,” and “talk dirty,” he could never see a scenario where the two could act in a cordial manner over IG Live.

Ja Rule revisited a comment he made about Versuz in a Hot 97 interview over the weekend where the rapper said he didn’t want to disrespect the aura of “love and respect” that’s typically felt between competitors.

“There's only been one [battle] that's a little sideways," Rule said. "And that's how Swizz and them want it.” He doesn’t see them being able to keep it solely about the music.

Maybe this marks the end of Ja's pursuit of a battle with 50, which started earlier this month when he suggested that longtime enemies should battle on Versuz.

50 rejected Rule’s challenge with two Instagram posts, and has since ignored all of his other discussions on the topic, opting to post inspirational messages instead.