Ja Rule Rips Into 'Parasite' 50 Cent: 'This Is Why Me and 50 Will Never Co-Exist'

Ja took to Instagram to blast Fif for hurting "the culture and our people."

Ja Rule

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Ja Rule

After years and years of beefing, Ja Rule has announced he will no longer engage with 50 Cent.

On Friday, Ja went to Instagram to explain why he and Fif will never be on good terms. The former Murder Inc. rapper referred to 50 as a "parasite" who was hurting the culture with trollish behavior. Ja accompanied his comments with a video of a Louis Farrakhan speech, in which he denounces "betrayers" and "snitches."

"THIS is why me and 50 will NEVER co-exist he’s a parasite a cancer to the culture and our ppl," Ja wrote in the caption, "He comes out with music [then] takes shots at me Kanye etc. Comes out with liquor [then] takes shots at Diddy. Comes out with his show [then] takes shots at Taraji [P. Henson]—always downing his own ppl... always running his fucking yuk mouth until the smoke gets thick."

The feud between the rappers has resulted in diss tracks, petty stunts, and online roasting. Earlier this week, Fif mocked Ja's financial issues, posting a screenshot of a headline that read: "Ja Rule Owes the IRS $2 Million in Back Taxes."

So, what was the final straw for Ja? It seems it was from a unity meeting Farrakhan attempted to set up.

"SMH then when the minister called for both of us to sit with him for hip hop unity you gave this man your ass to kiss," Ja wrote, "complete definition of a SUCKER."

He continued: "I’m saying all this to say I will not be engaging in any more back and forth with this goofy ass n****r Curtis Ratson!!! [...] you can have all the money in the world [but you] can’t buy class."

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