Cardi B is not happy about Bernie Sanders suspending his presidential campaign, but she's even more upset about the prospect of more Trump. In an Instagram Live stream, Cardi got political and lambasted younger voters for not showing enough support to Bernie. 

"I'm really upset at everybody, because as you guys know... Bernie dropped out of the race," she remarked on her stream, which brought in over 125k viewers. "I see a lot of young people on the Internet always lying. Y'all motherf*ckers, y'all young motherf*ckrs. ... I see all over Twitter, 'I love Bernie.' Y'all wasn't voting, y'all wasn't voting, what the f*ck was up with that?" She added that older people, specifically those who vote Republican, are not privy to the issues young people face such as college tuition. "Those are the people that are voting," she continued. "Those are the people that are voting and because of that, that means Bernie is out of the motherf*cking race."

Like many others, Cardi is disappointed by the news of Bernie dropping out. However, she stressed that voting Democrat regardless is more important, because otherwise the country will be stuck with more Trump. "I do not want 45 to be president again, now y'all this sh*t is very f*cking serious," she said, after saying she would research Joe Biden more before endorsing him. "We got no f*cking time to play around. ... Do you really want 45 to be in charge of the recession?"

She expressed concern over the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially because it's unclear when it will come to an end. Cardi reiterated that she doesn't think Trump is "capable of handling" a recession the way she argued Barack Obama did. "It's time to buckle up," she said.