Jay Electronica's long-awaited debut album A Written Testimony finally arrived this week, and it came with a few surprises in store. Not only does the record feature JAY-Z on eight of its ten tracks, but it also has cover art featuring Beyoncé's pool. In fact, she took the photograph of the pool that sits on the cover of the record, too.

The record, which dropped on Friday, is very much a Roc Nation family affair. Some fans have speculated it's actually a painting rather than a photograph, highlighting what appears to brush strokes and perceived inconsistencies in the reflection, but it appears to be a photo with some minor filters applied at the most. 

Skateboarder and streetwear designer Jimmy Gorecki teased what seems to be merch for the record on his Instagram, although it is unclear if he had any involvement in the design of the t-shirt he shared.

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