UPDATED 3/25, 10:10 a.m. ET: 6ix9ine's lawyer has once again requested that the rapper be released to "home confinement," citing the fact that he has "has provided substantial assistance to the government"—a.k.a. Tekashi is a government snitch.

UPDATED 3/24, 2:20 p.m. ET: The government has filed a letter objecting to an early release for 6ix9ine. In court documents obtained by Complex, the government cites that the court doesn't have the authority to "release the defendant, temporarily or otherwise."

The government also argues that while 6ix9ine's medical condition puts him at risk to contract COVID-19, the facility where the rapper is staying "has been treating his condition and has a plan in place to separate and treat inmates suspected of contracting the virus."

A judge will now decide whether or not to release 6ix9ine.

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On the same day we learned that Harvey Weinstein is sitting in isolation in a New York prison after contracting the coronavirus, Tekashi 6ix9ine's attorney is arguing that his client should get sprung for early release due to the present threat of the virus making its way throughout the prison system. 

TMZ is reporting that 6ix9ine's lawyer, Lance Lazzaro, penned a letter to the judge on Sunday night, asking him to let the rapper out for his own good. Citing pre-existing conditions, which could put 6ix9ine at more of a risk than someone with no underlying health issues, the lawyer asks for Tekashi to get out well ahead of his August release date. 

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