Snoop Dogg won't take his foot off 6ix9ine's neck. 

Snoop sat down with Schoolboy Q on the latest episode of the GGN. Like other installments, their conversation drifted to various topics. This led Snoop to once again share his thoughts on 6ix9ine's federal cooperation. 

"We already got one in hip-hop," Snoop said when Schoolboy was joking about being a snitch at the conversation's 18:40 minute mark. "6ix9ine doing that already. He doing the hell out of it. He doing the shit out of that telling shit." 

Both Schoolboy and Snoop Dogg are admitted gang members. This led Snoop to talk about the origins of 6ix9ine's gang affiliations and how the culture has been watered down.

"It's some new wave bullshit going on in the world," Snoop continued. "I know back in the day—even where you come from—n*ggas had to get put on. Wasn't no just wake up and you from the 'hood. You had to get put on, you had to go through some things, you had to really earn your keep. ... To me, that remedy is out of here. There's no more of that. It's washed away."

The talk of 6ix9ine started after Schoolboy and Snoop ventured into a conversation about acting. It's clear that Schoolboy takes pride in his visuals. When asked if he thought about transitioning to the big screen, he admitted that this was something he's toyed with but doesn't currently have any plans in motion.Being a rapper-turned-actor himself, Snoop understands how the big screen can boost an artist's appeal.

Elsewhere in the chat, the convo moved to Mac Miller. Although Schoolboy was hesitant to talk about the passing of Mac, Snoop recalled a story about the late rapper helping him out when he had to fill in a role for a movie at the last minute.

"I shared a story about him on the air once upon a time about me and him doing a movie together," Snoop said near the video's 11 minute mark. "Mike Epps cussed Harvey Weinstein and them motherfuckers off. Called them all types of 'Bitch ass n*ggas' and walked out the set. We ain't have nobody to play the role. So I called all kind of n*ggas and Mac Miller picked up. ... That n*ggas showed up. We blew dope. He learned his lines and it was some classic shit."

It's likely that the film Snoop was referring to was Scary Movie 5. It features a scene with Snoop and Mac Miller talking in the woods.

Along with taking it to 6ix9ine, Schoolboy and Snoop drifted into a hilarious rant about the struggles of making music. Most fans are aware of the issues sample clearing can cause. Not only has uncleared samples robbed fans of some great music, but it's also an all-around headache for artists.

"N*ggas won't clear it, then you gotta re-do it," Q said at the interview's 15 minute mark. 

"I've done done that a 100 times when we had the change the song and I'm like 'Cuh, I don't like it no more,'" Snoop added. "You done fucked my whole song up n*gga. I was tryna get you some bread, n*gga. Your old ass sitting at home doing nothing, n*gga. Watching M.A.S.H. I was tryna get you some money, n*gga."

"That shit be depressing, though," Q continued. "Like my n*gga, you know how hard I worked on this? ... N*ggas be old as shit talking 'bout lyrics. 'Let me see the lyric sheet.' You bitch ass n*gga. You know what the lyric sheet gonna say, my n*gga."

"A lyric sheet," Snoop interjected. "'What does he say on the song that I made.' I got a bag of bitches. A bunch of hoes."

This exchange came after Schoolboy claimed that his new album is done. While it's unclear when this episode was recorded, talk of a finished album adds fuel to rumors that Schoolboy will be dropping another project in 2020. Additionally, Q said that another TDE tour could be in the works this year once "all of [their] albums" drop. This gives the assumption that a new Kendrick Lamar album is also on the horizon.