On Friday a woman named Emani Ellis filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court against Cardi B. Ellis, a former security guard, says Cardi assaulted, struck, and spit on her. According to TMZ, witnesses aren't backing those claims. 

This alleged encounter occurred on Feb. 24, 2018 while Ellis was working. Witnesses say Cardi had just left an appointment when Ellis approached her trying to either record or take a picture of her with a phone. Cardi allegedly asked Ellis to stop because she didn't want images of her at the doctor's office. TMZ notes that she had yet to publicly reveal her pregnancy, and at the time was four months pregnant with her daughter Kulture. 

Around that point is when the alleged altercation is said to have taken place. As TMZ writes, "Ellis alleges Cardi maliciously struck her in the head, face and body. Ellis, who is African-American, also claims Cardi spit on her and used profanities and racial slurs."

Witnesses who spoke to TMZ say the security guard got upset after Cardi responded negatively to her photo request. They add that the two did get into an argument, and that Cardi didn't have her own security with her at the time. Witnesses say a staff member got between the two, things were never physical, and no racial slurs were uttered. 

Ellis also contends that, afterward, she was fired and that Cardi "used her celebrity status" to make it happen. A rep for the building says Ellis' job was indeed terminated, but that that happened on recommendations from Cardi's doctor and a patient coordinator since they felt Ellis violated Cardi's privacy. The lawsuit is alleging assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress. 

In response to the news breaking, Cardi B posted the following tweets denying the accusations: