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Justin Bieber recently caught heat for the strategy he's taken to promote his new single "Yummy," but Roddy Ricch seems pretty chill about it. To help promote his newest single, Bieber told his fans that he is "desperate for that No. 1." At one point, he shared (and later deleted) a repost on Instagram in which fan-made instructions were given to help the song chart as high as possible. The post instructed fans to "create a playlist with 'Yummy' on repeat."

As Roddy's own song "The Box" continues to climb the Billboard Hot 100, he's posted a simple, probably tongue-in-cheek tweet encouraging his fans to check out "Yummy." 

Bieber's comeback song hasn't debuted on the charts yet, but the Canadian pop star has made a considerable push with the single. "The Box," meanwhile, is on track to climb to the top spot, taking the wind out of Bieber's long-awaited return. It's unclear what prompted Roddy to co-sign "Yummy," but right now the song does not pose a threat to what could be the Compton rapper's first No. 1.

As Chart Data noted on Saturday, "The Box" reached a new daily high in global streams on Spotify with over 6 million on Friday. Bieber's daily high with "Yummy," however, sits just shy of that total.