Lil Uzi Vert, who's currently enjoying a proper return to the spotlight as we still await Eternal Atake, wisely put Boxing Day 2019 to good use by doling out some vulnerability.

"I haven't had sex in 2 years," Uzi told one unwarranted commentator on Thursday, adding that it's been since "like [the] end of 2018." 

All this began with a few tweets in which Uzi reminisced about some Northeast High School classmates, prompting at least one person to respond with some immediately-shot-down mockery. From there, Uzi pointed out that a joke about him having a baby in 2020 is decidedly "not funny" and noted the similarity between the words "condiment" and "condom." At one point, a fan attempted to dispute Uzi's two-years claim with a NSFW screenshot, only to be swiftly corrected.

Later, Uzi was asked about Brittany Renner, noting that she "never dressed me" but is currently enjoying success in the industry:

Uzi dropped his viral dance-assisted (and Nardwuar-sampling) "Futsal Shuffle 2020" single earlier this month, bagging a top 5 debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Though we still don't have any solid word on the impending Eternal Atake, the recent flurry of activity from the world of Uzi would suggest that the long-awaited project is (hopefully) truly imminent.

Here's to also hoping that Uzi and Grimes finally complete the work they apparently started together but never finished, with the latter revealing earlier this month that Uzi ultimately ghosted her after reaching out about some production matters.